Holiday Special Orders Begin December 1st.

We offer a full line of specials for your Holiday meals! All our food is limited quantity, locally grown.  Don't see what you want, ask us.  Don't forget gift cards and the best local jerky for stocking stuffers. This year, we are pleased to offer: Prime//prime rib, yes not just prime rib, but prime//prime rib (very limited $14.95 a lb.) Fresh, locally grown, free range turkeys Organic free range turkeys Turkey breast - smoked OR fresh Locally grown, free range ducks Turducken Old-fashioned, dry cured hams - bone in and boneless Locally grown rack of lamb Prime rib Aged prime...

Meet your Fisherman

Meet Our Fisherman Nick Bordelon November 3, 2011 The weather today in Port Orford in 46 degrees, south wind at 8 mph, gray skies and a constant drizzle that randomly turns into large rain drops. The roads are wet, people are indoors and the sea is at moderate 9 foot swell from the west-northwest. The smooth sea and variable southwest winds describe a fisherman’s day at work. Port Orford Sustainable Seafood (POSS) buys local, day boat launched and caught fish. Nick Bordelon is one of our newest and courageous fleet members who choose a Captain’s life. “Nick takes impeccable care...

Edible Inspiration

There's always something happening at The Butcher Shop! If you stopped by today, you would have seen local BBQ legend, Ron Johnson BBQing away. Then you would have gotten to taste Brian's Skirt Steak, BBQd perfectly and probably ended up with plans to have fajitas this weekend. Next time you're looking for something special, be sure to come by the Butcher Shop for edible inspiration.

Fresh Fish Friday!

It's Fresh Fish Friday!!! We've got: Halibut Salmon Cod Sole Steelhead Crawfish Shark Swordfish Catfish Ahi Tuna Steamers Mussels Cherry Oysters Frog legs First come first serve -- see you soon?

My First Big Buck!

~ Brandon

Finally !

Finally.... I could'nt believe my eyes when he came walking into the edge of a clearcut just after it had stopped raining. He was with a forked horn that I saw first. There was no way I was gonna shoot that little guy. Then.... out from the trees came Mr. big....... Awsome. ~ Greg

Wow What a BlackTail

I had been hunting for about a week and a half in our Cascades and was seeing good big deer almost every day. I counted at least 7 other deer in this area that were as big or bigger than this guy. I had gone on this trip all by myself and was having the greatest time when one evening I got a little lost. Been hunting creek drainage's because it was so hot during archery season that it just made sense. I was firing up my GPS to see where in the heck I was when out of the...

First Buck

Shot my first buck at 75 yards. Hanging wieght at butcher shop 107. ~ Kyle


Started hunting early in the morning Oct. 8 2011. 2pm rolls around with out seeing a deer all day on the way out heading home I just had a good feeling about an area. I sent my son down to push through a small draw. 10 minutes into the wait for my son push through this big guy comes running up right in front of me 25yrds shot. 4x5 rack, 87lbs hanging meat. So far a great season! ~ Keith

Andrew’s Buck

~ Andrew