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Geo Caching Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GEO CACHING CONTEST HITS THE UPPER ROGUE: The Butcher Shop is rolling out a GEO Caching Contest, Saturday July 28, 2012 at 9am Eagle Point, OR  – The Butcher Shop will start a Geo Caching contest on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 9am, beginning at The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point. The winning prize will be: $25 in gold dollars and a $25 Butcher Shop Gift Certificate.  Geo Caching, is an outdoor scavenger hunt. Using clues and GPS coordinates, you will make your way to your final destination where there is a FTF (First to Find) prize...

Where’s The Pork!

To have a little more fun on Facebook with all our "Butcher Shopians" we wanted to have a contest and reward one of you with a FREE Pork Pack... We have hidden a “Imaginary Pork Pack”… The Pork Pack could be anywhere in the Rogue Valley… We will post clues on our Facebook page as to it's whereabouts, they will also be posted here on our website.  Only one guess per person per day.  We will be looking for an EXACT location, not the vicinity or area ie. "Upper Table Rock" we would be looking for the exact land mark...

How To Heat A Bone-In Ham Or Smoked Turkey

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and place meat on a roasting rack in a large pan. Fill pan with 1/4" of liquid-water, apple cider or any other flavoring and water. Cover meat tightly with a tent of foil and heat approximately 15 minutes per pound, or until a meat thermometer placed 1" away from and parallel to the bone reads 160 degrees. let the meat rest on the counter for ten minutes and re-check the meat- it should read 165 degrees to ensure safety standard temperature is reached. During the last half hour of cooking, take the foil tent off and glaze the...

How To Cook A Prime Rib

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Season the meat with salt, pepper and any other dry spices and herbs you desire. Place meat on a roasting rack with the bone ends pointing upward. Roast until the desired doneness level is reached using a meat thermometer to check as follows: Pull the meat out five degrees before your target doneness and let the meat rest for about ten minutes as it will carry over cook about five more degrees as it rests. Rare: 120 degrees Medium: 125-130 Well: 135-145 (Please ensure your thermometer is calibrated before temperature checking is done. it...

How To Cook Your Turducken

Place your bird breast up on a roasting rack with the net in place- this will keep the bird in one piece for presentation later. Baste with butter and season the outside as desired. Preheat the oven to 225 degrees and roast, uncovered, until a meat thermometer placed into the very center of the turducken reads 160 degrees. this will take approximately 8-10 hours. Pull the Turducken out of the oven and let it rest on the counter, uncovered for about 10 minutes. The bird will carry over cook and the temperature should be rechecked. Make sure the inner temperature reads 165...

Pre-Order Now for St. Patrick’s Day!

We're accepting pre-orders for the leanest and BEST Corned Beef you have ever tasted.  Just $3.98 lb and next time you're in the shop make sure you get you order in... or call 541-830-3369. 

New Products!

Pulled Pork:  We're now doing a low and slow smoked Bar-B-Q pulled pork!  18 hours in the smoker, layered with flavor, and then packaged up for easy use.  We will typically have 4 flavors in stock in 1 lb packages.  Just $4.98 a delicious lb. Dinner Franks: If you haven't tried Brian's FANTASTIC dinner franks you're missing out.  6 different franks to choose from, including 'nitrate free' franks, just $6 a package of 4 packs for $20.  Also new is Sheboygan Brats, Andouille Sausage, and a Louisiana specialty Boudin Sausage.

first bear

My dad and I found a little skid road and drove up to the dead end and decided to get out and check for dear sign. We got about 100 yards from the truck and i spotted the bear and shot him at 75 yards. I got him in the lungs and clipped his spine and he went down instantly. He is my first big game animal and he is gonna be in the record books for sure. He was 400 pounds live weight. ~ Wade

Asian Water Buffalo

Lea Ann and Father took down this Water Buffalo at Clover Creek Ranch With Guide from Dangerous Game Outfitters. ~ Lea Ann